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What Affects A Cigar’s Price?

When you walk into any cigar shop’s humidor, you’ll quickly notice that cigars can vary quite a bit in price, sometimes into what seem like ridiculous amounts. But what affects a cigar’s price? Here’s an overview of the factors that … Continue reading

The Perks Of Smoking Outside

While smoking bans increase across the country, it’s easy to feel singled-out and irritated as a cigar enthusiast, but getting mad isn’t going to change any laws. Better to spend that energy looking at the high points of smoking outside, … Continue reading

A Quick Guide To Aging Cigars

Cigars and wine have a lot in common. Both are appreciated for their depth of experience, and how they reward those who pay attention to quality. Also, both undergo changes as they age. Just as a wine can truly mature … Continue reading

Traveling with Cigars

When you’re going on a trip, you don’t want to leave your favorite cigars behind. Part of the fun when visiting a new city is discovering new cigar shops, but what if they’re awful, or even worse – there aren’t … Continue reading

A History of Cigars

Cigar smoking is a storied pastime, with rich lineages that stretch back for many of the families who produce cigars, but for how long? Cigars have been around a long time, and were actually paired with another notable discovery. The … Continue reading