The Perks Of Smoking Outside

smoking outside

While smoking bans increase across the country, it’s easy to feel singled-out and irritated as a cigar enthusiast, but getting mad isn’t going to change any laws. Better to spend that energy looking at the high points of smoking outside, a few of which we’ve discovered below.

Vitamin D. You don’t have to drink milk to get your daily allowance of Vitamin D, just 15 minutes of sunlight will fill you up. Vitamin D is absorbed through your skin, and primarily through your hands and forearms. You don’t even have to do anything other than be in the sun. So smoking one cigar outside is a great way to stock up on Vitamin D.

Exercise. You wouldn’t normally pair a smoke break with exercise, but if you go for a stroll around the neighborhood with a cigar, that is exercise. Even a leisurely walk activates your metabolism and improves digestion.

Fido’s exercise. Sometimes you just don’t feel like giving your dog a walk after a long day at work. But even the laziest dog needs around 30 minutes of exercise a day. Pair your dog walk up with a nice cigar, and you might find yourself looking forward to taking her out.

Take a break. Emphasize the break in smoke break. Leaving work or home for a few minutes to smoke can give you a valuable break in your day’s routine. It’s easy to feel cooped up and blocked after a few hours indoors, so you may find a smoke break rewarding on a psychological level.

Whatever your reasons for smoking, we have the perfect cigar for your break. From little 15-minute cigars you can smoke around the block, to 90-minute monsters you can get lost in. Stop in and visit us to find the right stick for you.