Outdoor Activities That Pair Well With Cigars

golf cigar

With summer finally here it’s a great time to take your favorite cigars out into the world with you and enjoy them outside. Here are a few of our favorite cigar-friendly outdoor activities.

Golf. No sport is better-suited for cigar smoking than golf, and the way it can eat up an afternoon with its leisurely pace. Bring a few cigars with you in a travel case or ziploc bag and add a new dimension to your game. Unfortunately some courses now have no-smoking policies, so you may want to check before you bring any cigars along.

Kites. Kite flying isn’t just for kids. There’s something meditative about setting a kite aloft and steering it through the wind. Skip the cheap plastic kids’ stuff and go with a real fabric kite. A cigar is a great companion for an afternoon in a park or field with a solid kite.

Fishing. When you’re sitting beside a lake, watching your line, a cigar is the perfect way to fill the time between bites. If you’ve had your eye on a giant cigar, this is the time to give it a try. Who knows, your cigar might be longer than your catch.

Boating. Getting out on the water is another natural match for cigars. Even if you don’t have access to the ocean, or have a boat handy, there are simpler options. Find a lake in your city that rents paddle boats by the hour and then kick back and have a smoke on your own imaginary yacht.

As we know all too well in Colorado, it’s paramount to be responsible when enjoying cigars (or anything involving fire) when visiting the outdoors. When you discard your cigar, don’t assume it’s out – make certain that it is. Either douse it with water, or crush it under your shoe and then confirm that it’s out. Also, if you packed your cigars in, pack the ends out.