What Affects A Cigar’s Price?

cigar price

When you walk into any cigar shop’s humidor, you’ll quickly notice that cigars can vary quite a bit in price, sometimes into what seem like ridiculous amounts. But what affects a cigar’s price? Here’s an overview of the factors that can influence how much you pay in the final cost.

Taxes. Just like any product, cigars are taxed. Here in Colorado there is a state excise tax of 40% the store’s invoiced price on tobacco products. This excise tax is reflected on the price of the cigar, unlike sales tax.

Name. The more legendary the name of the cigar manufacturer, the more value it holds. Does this always mean the quality matches up? Of course not. But you can expect to pay more for an old name like Arturo Fuente over a new brand eager to attract new smokers.

Quality. Although price is never a reliable indicator of quality in cigars (as with most things), you can expect to pay more for quality. A fine cigar rolled by hand with premium tobacco will certainly cost more than one stuffed full of cheap tobacco by a machine. Before jumping into a pricier cigar, nose around for more info on what you can expect out of it. Here at our shop we include a little information on the cigar’s profile on every price tag, so you can get an idea of how mild or wild the smoke will be.

Quantity. Just like with most products, the more you buy, the cheaper they become. If you love a cigar, buying a box will save you some money. Of course, you will have to have the means to properly store all your cigars, or you will have just paid money to ruin a lot of them.

If you’re looking for a cigar and have a budget in mind, stop by our shop and ask us for advice. We carry a wide variety and can match you up with the best option.