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Women and Cigars

Though you might not see as many women coming in and out of cigar shops, that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying the smooth flavor. You’ve probably seen photos of Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Demi Moore with a cigar. Or maybe … Continue reading

Larger-than-Life Humidors

Our clients know how important the humidor is, especially in difficult climates like high-altitude Denver. To keep the integrity of the tobacco in place and to preserve the life of the cigar, an expertly controlled humidor is a must.  Most … Continue reading

Tips for Traveling to Cuba

Many cigar aficionados are making plans to travel to Cuba now that the travel restrictions lessened between countries. The thought of smoking a freshly hand-rolled Cuban cigar in Havana is quite the temptation, but how easy is it to check … Continue reading

Denver’s Oldest Bars

Cigars on 6th is a Denver cigar shop, proud to operate in this excellent city. Denver’s history spans the extremes of Old West rough-and-tumble to its contemporary growth as a major urban center, and this history is mirrored in our … Continue reading

Winter Cocktails Go Perfect with Cigars

We’ve written about pairing scotch, tequila, and coffee with cigars and the best cigars for Thanksgiving. But what about winter drinks? A neat bourbon or scotch goes great with cigars, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge in something a little different … Continue reading

Best Instagrams for Cigar Lovers

Maybe you can’t smoke a cigar every day, but you can certainly enjoy the aesthetics of cigars on a daily basis. We’ve compiled a list of Instagrammers that light our fires. Enjoy the cigar beauty! TedCigars Ted Cigars is a … Continue reading

Pairing Scotch and Cigars

Scotch and cigars are two of life’s great pleasures. It follows that these pleasures pair so well together. However, the huge selection of scotch and cigars can leave a person paralyzed with indecision. Fear not, we are here to provide … Continue reading