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Pairing Cigars with Tequila

It’s common to pair a nice cigar with a scotch or bourbon, and we’ve previously covered pairing cigars with beer, but there’s another alcoholic beverage you may have ignored with your pairing experiments: tequila. Here are some pairing tips to … Continue reading

Tips for Flying with Cigars

If you are a cigar lover but have some air travel coming up, here are some tips for flying with your cigars and gear. Pack right. Cigars aren’t the sturdiest of items, so pack smart when traveling, especially if they’re … Continue reading

Cigar Smoker Profile: Groucho Marx

Cigars aren’t just common tobacco products like cigarettes, they’re handmade works of art, and while you wouldn’t profile a historical cigarette smoker, we like to offer profiles of famous cigar smokers from time to time. This month it’s Groucho Marx, … Continue reading

Cigar First-Aid Tips

Even the finest cigars are prone to accidents from time to time, but before you toss out that $10 smoke, you may be able to repair it! Here are some common issues and fixes that may revive a great cigar … Continue reading

Pairing Cigars With Coffee

It’s no secret that cigars pair well with a nice scotch or bourbon, but the depth of flavor pairing goes far beyond liquor and beer. In fact, you can pair a cigar with one of everyone’s favorite non-alcoholic beverages- coffee. … Continue reading

Soak Up Summer With Cigars

Summertime is waning here in Colorado, but there’s still time to soak up the summer and enjoy some premium outdoor cigar smoking. Here are a few good bets on how to maximize your last month of summer fun. Host a … Continue reading

General Humidor Care

One of the great aspects of cigars is that enthusiasts can store them at home, and even age them, in affordable (or incredibly expensive) humidors. If you care enough about cigars to store them in a humidor, you want to … Continue reading

Pairing Cigars With Beer

One of the great aspects of cigars is the depth you can find with food and beverage pairings. Forget the lowly cigarette after a cheeseburger; cigars are works of art that can work with a nice whiskey to unravel flavors … Continue reading