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Have you been enjoying our blogs? We like to share our love of cigars and cigar culture, both online and here in our store. Drop in soon and join us in our cigar lounge for a nice, relaxing afternoon. Our … Continue reading

Pair Cigars with the Super Bowl

We’re a proud local Denver cigar shop, so obviously this year’s Super Bowl won’t be the game we were hoping to see, but it still promises to be a great game. Few entertainment choices pair as well with cigars as … Continue reading

Are Cuban Cigars Legal Now?

On December 17th of 2014, President Obama announced an intention to reestablish diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba. That’s great news for many families that have been torn apart, but for some of us it begs the question- are Cuban … Continue reading

Pairing Cigars with Tequila

It’s common to pair a nice cigar with a scotch or bourbon, and we’ve previously covered pairing cigars with beer, but there’s another alcoholic beverage you may have ignored with your pairing experiments: tequila. Here are some pairing tips to … Continue reading

Tips for Flying with Cigars

If you are a cigar lover but have some air travel coming up, here are some tips for flying with your cigars and gear. Pack right. Cigars aren’t the sturdiest of items, so pack smart when traveling, especially if they’re … Continue reading

Cigar Smoker Profile: Groucho Marx

Cigars aren’t just common tobacco products like cigarettes, they’re handmade works of art, and while you wouldn’t profile a historical cigarette smoker, we like to offer profiles of famous cigar smokers from time to time. This month it’s Groucho Marx, … Continue reading