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Pairing Cigars With Beer

One of the great aspects of cigars is the depth you can find with food and beverage pairings. Forget the lowly cigarette after a cheeseburger; cigars are works of art that can work with a nice whiskey to unravel flavors … Continue reading

What Is Shade Grown Tobacco?

There are numerous types of tobacco used in cigars, with each seed variety and growing method affecting taste and texture. As you browse cigars, you may encounter shade grown tobacco and not know what that means, so here’s a quick … Continue reading

Cigar Etiquette Tips

Like anything worth doing, there are a few right ways and many wrong ways to smoke a cigar. There is a certain etiquette to enjoying a cigar, so here are some tips for making the experience not only enjoyable for … Continue reading

Resources For Cigar Lovers

The world of cigars is richly layered, not only with a vast array of products, but also a lot of specialized knowledge. Keeping on top of what’s new in the cigar industry can be daunting, but here are a few … Continue reading