Cigars to Try for a Happy Thanksgiving

Well, maybe not happy if you don’t like the game outcome, but the cool crisp breeze of fall is in the air (or maybe it’s already freezing where you are!) and that means chilly nights with a warming bourbon and a smooth cigar on the back patio. Fall ushers in all sorts of iconic images – gourds, squash, jack-o-lanterns, and cornucopias on tables. You can probably already smell the idea of Thanksgiving and feel the long, deep nap that will come after the most satisfying meal of the year. With the searing heat of the summer a distant memory, it’s time to pull out those full-bodied cigars and enjoy them anew this season.

A good cigar is a top priority after Thanksgiving. Think of it as the perfect nightcap or a pleasant closure to a day full of feasting and food decadence. We’ve put together a list of some fuller-bodied and stronger cigars to enjoy at the end of your day, so be sure to fill the humidor before the holiday arrives. Blink, and it’ll be here!

Intemperance BA XXI Avarice

Intemperance is the first release from the new RoMa Craft Tobacco Company and is produced in Esteli, Nicaragua. The quality is high in this brand with this particular cigar showing off a solid medium to full-bodied flavor. This rich cigar is bursting with flavor and is a must-try for someone looking for a crafted smoke. Perfect to pair with a homemade craft cocktail.

Hoyo de Monterrey Edición de Cumpleaños 150

This cigar was created by the label to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand. Made in the factory in Honduras, this cigar boasts a fine aroma of tobacco, earth, oak, and sweet dates. The pull adds flavors of rum and espresso on top of a light pepper. An excellent choice to pair with a dessert drink after your feast.

Crowned Heads La Imperiosa

Crowned Heads works with small batches and their attention to detail has resulted in many highly-rated cigars. Also from Nicaragua, this cigar is a true full-bodied blissful smoke, offering up notes of earth, leather, fruit, and a spicy red pepper.

Aging Room Quattro F55

The Aging Room offers about 14 different cigars with an eye to making a product that appeals to consumers looking for complexity. The Quattro F55 has topped many best-of lists, beating out Cuban cigars regularly. It’s a luxury cigar – bold and full of tobacco, earth, chocolate, and coffee aromas all on top of a fine spice blend. This would be a real treat for a festive day.

Authentic Cuban Cigars

We’ve written before about the ways to travel to Cuba now and the difficulty of getting cigars back. However, that has all changed. If you want to make your Thanksgiving holiday special and can get to Cuba (or can send a friend on this most important trip), then you are in luck! Previously you could only bring back $100 worth of cigars. Under the new federal policy, you can bring back as much as you can carry! Now that is something to celebrate.

Image source: Faith Goble user, Flickr

Image source: Michael Ivanov user, Flickr