Cigar Nostalgia

If you’ve seen any episode of Mad Men, you know that smoking (and I am talking about cigarettes as well as cigars) used to inhabit a very different lifestyle. From a smoke break in an office, to another over dinner and drinks; our relationship to smoking (back before we knew the entirety of the risks) has changed dramatically in a short span of time.

Cigars and the way we enjoy them hasn’t changed quite as much as cigarettes. Since cigarettes are available most everywhere, from grocery stores to corner stores and bars, their prevalence makes them more accessible and generally requires less discerning knowledge. Cigars, however, are not readily found behind a bar. And what might be available at your local convenience store is largely not high quality. No, cigars continue to have a certain allure, sophistication, and mystery around them. From understanding all of the different varieties and quality, to sourcing a good local cigar shop, the process of enjoying a cigar is closer to what our parents and grandparents experienced.

Vintage cigar advertisements are one way of enjoying the past cigar experience, from their bold design and clear message, to their appeal to the women enjoying a cigar now and then, too.




Cigars had a stronger hold in past popular culture, from advertisements to television shows and movies, and although that influence has diminished over time (and regulations prohibit certain activities so as to not encourage young people to indulge), cigars remain a steady stronghold with smoke connoisseurs of all kinds. There is something very satisfying about building a relationship with your local cigar shop, enjoying unusual finds and limited varieties, and meeting people who share a similar passion for tobacco.

Image source: Double-M user, Flickr

Image source: Roberlan Borges user, Flickr

Image source: Wikimedia Commons