New Year, New Cigars

We hope you had a very happy New Year and start of 2017. And that you were able to enjoy a good cigar while toasting to all the possibilities and hope a new year can bring. For many of you, … Continue reading

Cigars Make Great Gifts

It’s all happened to us at some point – the last-minute shopping rush. From packed parking lots to even more packed stores, doing last-minute holiday shopping is a high-stress event and one usually followed by a stiff drink at the … Continue reading

Ushering in Fall with Classic Flavors

You know it’s fall when the words “pumpkin spice latte” start coming from every direction. Even though we are still technically in Summer, those three little words are already filling thousands of cups at your local Starbucks. For better or … Continue reading

Cigar Nostalgia

If you’ve seen any episode of Mad Men, you know that smoking (and I am talking about cigarettes as well as cigars) used to inhabit a very different lifestyle. From a smoke break in an office, to another over dinner … Continue reading

Larger-than-Life Humidors

Our clients know how important the humidor is, especially in difficult climates like high-altitude Denver. To keep the integrity of the tobacco in place and to preserve the life of the cigar, an expertly controlled humidor is a must.  Most … Continue reading

Winter Cocktails Go Perfect with Cigars

We’ve written about pairing scotch, tequila, and coffee with cigars and the best cigars for Thanksgiving. But what about winter drinks? A neat bourbon or scotch goes great with cigars, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge in something a little different … Continue reading

Best Instagrams for Cigar Lovers

Maybe you can’t smoke a cigar every day, but you can certainly enjoy the aesthetics of cigars on a daily basis. We’ve compiled a list of Instagrammers that light our fires. Enjoy the cigar beauty! TedCigars Ted Cigars is a … Continue reading