Best Instagrams for Cigar Lovers

Cigar Smokers on Instagram

Maybe you can’t smoke a cigar every day, but you can certainly enjoy the aesthetics of cigars on a daily basis. We’ve compiled a list of Instagrammers that light our fires. Enjoy the cigar beauty!

  1. TedCigars
Ted Cigars is a shop out of the Netherlands. Ted is also the owner; he travels all over the world and shares pics of gorgeous cigars. He also posts highlights of his visits to tobacco estates and the cigar-making process.
  1. TheCigarStrategist
This mysterious instagrammer enjoys his cigars with delicious food, handsome watches, and the occasional espresso. He is also a collector and shows off his beautiful accessories and cigar boxes. A great account to follow if you are a fan of cigar accoutrement.
  1.  lasirenacigars
A woman-owned and woman-run cigar company? Awesome. An Instagram full of pics of the woman owner smoking cigars? Very awesome. That woman owner smoking cigars happens to be a babe? The awesomest.
  1.  CigarSmokingModel
A self-professed lover of cigars, this guy also displays his love the cigar accessories. He’ll surely inspire you to add to your collections of cutters and lighters.  He might even inspire you to think of trick or treating in a new light.
  1.  Rocky Patel Cigar
The owner of multiple cigar brands provides an engaging and aspirational Instagram feed. His photos are a stream of exotic travels and lavish parties. Let’s not forget to mention the handsome cigars from Rocky’s own line prominently featured in his Instagram.
  1.  Nuzli_hakiim
This instagrammer captures the beauty of cigars in his pics and digital art. His photos are clever and engaging. Check out his feed for the lighter side of cigar love! What other instagrammers do you follow to scratch your cigar itch? Stop into the shop or let us know in the comments!