Larger-than-Life Humidors

Humidor rooms around the worldOur clients know how important the humidor is, especially in difficult climates like high-altitude Denver. To keep the integrity of the tobacco in place and to preserve the life of the cigar, an expertly controlled humidor is a must.  Most shops have humidors that are large enough to walk in, but what about the largest humidors in the world? If you’ve ever wondered where you can go get lost in the aroma of fine cigars, then these places are for you.  


The Wellesley Hotel boasts not only Europe’s biggest humidor, but also a “cigar sommelier” named Giuseppe Ruo who can suggest a perfect bourbon and cigar pairing for an evening at the hotel. Ruo personally sources the cigars from private collectors, auctions, and small businesses to stock the humidor with over $2 million worth of high-end cigars.  With a temperature below 20 C and a humidity level of 65 – 71 at all times, this humidor excels at being one of the world’s greatest. Handmade leather furniture, warm dark wood, and commissioned tobacco leaf paintings top off this luxury experience.  

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

You likely know of Cigars International, a website with the largest internet catalogue for cigars in the US.  In order to store their very large stock, Cigars International uses a 49,000 square foot humidor, nestled inside an even larger warehouse.  Although customers cannot walk through this humidor, it is still impressive.  


The Capella Bar at the Breidenbacher Hof hotel also lays claim to the largest walk-in humidor in Europe. Winner of many awards, just like the Wellesley, you may just have to try both and see which seems larger-than-life to you. The Capella Bar sports leather floors, wood paneling, and an extensive range of Cuban and Dominican cigars. The extravagant design rivals any cigar lounge.  


If you ever have the chance to hang out with Michael Jordan (one can dream, right?) then be sure to get an invite to his cigar-friendly home that is equipped with state-of-the-art humidity and air equipment, not to mention a cigar-friendly theater. This may not technically be a humidor, but if cigars are ok throughout Jordan’s house, who are we to argue?