Best Seasonings for Cigar Pairings

As a smokable art form, cigars can be paired with numerous foods and beverages. If you enjoy cooking, here are some ways you can use flavors to create amazing dishes while adding depth to your cigar and food pairings.

Truffle salt. Yeah, it’s like $30 a bottle, but it’s going to transform your vegetables into savory powerhouses in an instant, and only a sprinkle works wonders. Try it and you’ll be hooked.

Smoked salt. It’s a simple fact that everything tastes better cooked over fire. If you don’t have an open fire handy, a pinch of smoked salt can add the perfect smoky note to meats and vegetables. A little goes a long way, you can add some to your regular (or truffle) salt.

Parsley. Forget the garnish wasting away on the side of your plate. Go for dried flake parsley, which adds a very subtle green note to anything you shake it on.

Black pepper. Sure, black pepper is nothing new, but did you know there are unique varieties, each offering its own flavor profile? You can visit your local spice shop and find some robust Tellicherry or the hotter Lampong. Make sure to grind it fresh- pepper begins losing its complex flavor immediately once ground.

Shallots. We all know garlic goes great in just about anything, but mix in some minced shallots to add even more dimension to your cooking. Shallots are milder than garlic and onion but pair well with either. You can chop them fresh (just as you would garlic) or buy them all ready to go in little jars.

As always, what matters most with your pairings is your own taste, and there is no absolute rulebook on what pairs with what. Take note of what works and what doesn’t, and keep experimenting! We’ve got a humidor stocked with options on our end, stop in and browse today!