Cigars: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Cigar Gift

If you have some last-minute holiday shopping to do, may we present our quite biased opinion and suggest- you guessed it- cigars? Cigars are a great gift not only for seasoned smokers but newcomers as well. Here are some of our suggestions for gifts this holiday season.

Share your knowledge. If you’re introducing someone to the world of cigars, don’t just dump some on their lap and walk away. Choose cigars that you love, and when you share them, explain what you like about them. The world of cigars is rich with depth, and rewards insight, so give someone a head start with your knowledge.

A little variety goes a long way. If you’re giving cigars as a gift, providing a little variety can really help the recipient discover what he or she really likes. If you give someone just one cigar and they don’t care for it, they aren’t likely to go hunt for one they do like.

Get them ready to smoke. Giving a cigar newbie an uncut cigar is a great idea as long as you also bought them a cutter. No one wants a gift that comes with a chore, so make sure your cigar gifts are ready to smoke right away.

You don’t have to guess. If you don’t want to select specific cigars as a gift, you can give someone a simple cutter and a gift certificate so they can come in and browse on their own. We have such a wide range of cigars in our walk-in humidor they’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.

Cigars and accessories are a great gift, either for the established cigar lover or the merely curious, and who knows, you may start someone off on a lifetime of cigar enjoyment, all from a simple gift! Stop in and see our many gift options today!