Why Can’t I Store My Cigars in the Box They Came in?

Don't Store Cigars in the Box They Came inBuying a box of cigars that you love is a great investment, and will often save you a bit of money for buying in bulk. Plus, the boxes are often very cool in their own right, and can have a long life of other uses after housing your cigars, but one of those uses should not be storing your cigars and here’s why.

In the environment where your cigars were crafted by hand, the temperature and humidity were probably near perfect for cigar storage (70 degrees, 70 percent relative humidity), so their nifty wooden box would be adequate storage. However, here in arid Colorado, cigars need some life support to remain in top form, which is why we keep all of ours in a walk-in humidor.

If you purchase a box of cigars, you will want to keep them in your own humidor. Even if you have the space, you should remove your cigars from the box for storage, so you don’t have the wooden box in there sucking up your humidity.

Cigar boxes might seem very similar to a wooden box humidor, but the two are very different. A cigar box is not airtight, and not designed to regulate humidity. A wooden humidor is designed to contain and regulate humidity levels, which is crucial to your cigars’ amazing properties.

There are many cool uses for a cigar box: Office supply storage, stash box, drawer organization, etc, but remember that once they leave a humidor the box is simply that, a temporary home. If you’re interested in buying a box of cigars or storing cigars in your own humidor, stop in and browse our selection today!