Tips for Flying with Cigars

Traveling with CigarsIf you are a cigar lover but have some air travel coming up, here are some tips for flying with your cigars and gear.

Pack right. Cigars aren’t the sturdiest of items, so pack smart when traveling, especially if they’re going into checked luggage. That suitcase will be thrown, dropped, stepped on, thrown again, and maybe sat on for good measure. Protect your cigars in a travel case or improvise your own protection. If you’re only bringing a few, you can get a protective travel sleeve to fit inside your jacket pocket.

Get a receipt. This is a tip specifically if you’re traveling back into the U.S. with cigars: bring a receipt from where you purchased them to easily prove they aren’t Cuban smokes. Don’t make it your word against theirs.

Don’t bring a lighter. You are supposedly allowed one book of paper matches in your carry-on, but the smart bet is to leave lighting options behind and procure them after your flight. Many restaurants still offer nice wooden matches; pop in and grab some.

Most cutters are allowed. Most cutters will make it through TSA inspection, although it’s up to their judgement. If you don’t want to risk being delayed, put your cutter in checked luggage.

Leave the cherished behind. If you have any expensive cigars or cutters, leave them at home for later. Items can disappear even in checked baggage, and the TSA can interpret cigars and cutters however they wish, and their word is final. Don’t risk losing a sentimental gift when you can just bring a cheapie cutter in its place.

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