How You Can Fight The FDA Crackdown On Cigars


If you don’t regularly sniff out cigar news, you may have missed this news item about the Food and Drug Administration’s plan to crack down on other forms of tobacco, in our case- cigars. As it says in the article, the plan might exempt ‘premium’ cigars over $10, which would still be a huge blow to the industry, and the average Joe who enjoys a perfectly fine $7 stick.

While this proposal is galling, especially since cigars are almost universally enjoyed responsibly, in moderation, and the health risks are very low, you aren’t powerless to sit back and take it. You can at the very least make your voice heard in your representative government.

We know what you’re probably thinking: I don’t even know who my representative is. Don’t worry, you can find out, simply by plugging your zip code into the House of Representatives’ website. Remember, when writing to express your concerns, think of your tone and what you’re actually conveying. Rattling off an angry, rambling rant isn’t going to sway anyone’s opinion. Take a personal approach, and perhaps tell a story of how you enjoy a cigar, and what cigars are for you, in your life. Let them know that you are one of their constituents and this is an important issue to you.

While a well-written letter or email goes a long way, you could even send one of your favorite cigars along in the mail, with a description of why you enjoy it. Who knows, your gesture could open someone’s eyes to the rich world of cigars.

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