Great Spots In Colorado For A Cigar

Great spring weather is here, and that means it’s the perfect time for enjoying the outdoors with a fine cigar! Here are some great outdoor spots for a smoke, but keep in mind we assume smoking is permitted in these areas, but we are not the last word on what is and is not allowed, so always check yourself!


Highline Canal: This 66-mile trail wriggles through Denver all the way from up around Buckley Air Force Base down past Chatfield Reservoir. Chances are you aren’t too far away from an entry point, and the path is perfect for a leisurely stroll beneath some of Denver’s tallest trees.

Confluence Park: Just past lower downtown Denver, where the Platte River and Cherry Creek converge, is Confluence Park. The park is easily accessible via bike or on foot from either trail, and it’s the perfect stop for a trek. There’s usually a hot dog cart present, and if you cross under 15th street, you can explore the winding paths and hills of Commons Park West.

Horsetooth Reservoir: If you find yourself up north, check out Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins. There’s great fishing and boating, and afterward you can check out the bustling brewery scene in Fort Collins.

Belleview Park: One of the best-kept secrets is Belleview Park in Englewood, a large public park with a shallow creek for wading, a small locomotive that circles the park, and a petting zoo. It’s the perfect park to bring kids to that you’ll also enjoy.

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