Cigar Etiquette Tips

cigar etiquette

Like anything worth doing, there are a few right ways and many wrong ways to smoke a cigar. There is a certain etiquette to enjoying a cigar, so here are some tips for making the experience not only enjoyable for you, but for those around you.

Pay attention to where you are. Today’s smoking laws are more draconian than ever, so when you find a place where you can enjoy a cigar you may want to immediately take advantage. But just because you can smoke somewhere doesn’t always mean you should. If someone is eating near where you want to smoke, realize your cigar might overwhelm their meal. If there’s a baby nearby, you may want to take your cigar away, instead of assuming the parent will just move the baby. Nothing removes the relaxation of a fine cigar like getting into a debate with a stranger over where to smoke, and you may find the simple courtesy of asking if anyone minds can go a long way.

Clean up after yourself. Just as you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) litter a cigarette butt, dispose of your cigar properly when finished. Make sure it’s completely out, and then put it in the trash or even compost. If you’re leaving it in an ashtray and walking away, stub it out so it doesn’t continue to produce smoke.

Be helpful, not a know-it-all. You may be an experienced cigar smoker who knows how to perfectly cut and light a cigar, but you may encounter those who are not. Offering simple, helpful tips is much better than judgement. Remember, everyone was new to cigars at one point, and it’s not a competition to see who knows the most.

Smoking is a pastime for gentlemen (or ladies), and when you’re enjoying a cigar, you’re representing cigar lovers all over the world. The more class you show those around you today will pay off for another cigar smoker tomorrow. For all of your cigar needs, pop into our shop today!