Resources For Cigar Lovers

cigar lovers

The world of cigars is richly layered, not only with a vast array of products, but also a lot of specialized knowledge. Keeping on top of what’s new in the cigar industry can be daunting, but here are a few easy resources you can take advantage of.

Cigar Aficionado. Both a website and a published magazine, Cigar Aficionado is a well-rounded look at the cigar industry, with product reviews, celebrity interviews, and a wealth of smoking knowledge. If there’s news in the cigar biz, you’ll find it here.

Cigar Forums. There are numerous online forums for cigar lovers, such as Cigar Asylum. These are a great spot to gain some knowledge, strike up a conversation about cigars, or chat about loosely-related hobbies. It may take some nosing around to find the right forum for you.

The Ultimate Cigar Encyclopedia, by Julian Holland. This hardcover book is perfect for a coffee table or nightstand, or anywhere you may want to casually peruse and learn about hundreds of different cigars.

Your local cigar store. We believe the very best resource for the cigar lover is your local shop. Websites, magazines, and strangers on the internet may indeed supply some knowledge, but by heading into your local shop you can get some hands-on information about cigars. You’re also supporting an independent local business in your city’s economy, which is a huge benefit in itself.

If you haven’t visited our shop yet, we invite you to come in, explore our humidor, hit us with any questions you may have, and then enjoy a smoke in one of our overstuffed easy chairs.