Buying Cigars Online Vs. Buying In A Store

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It’s no secret that you can find cigars at inexpensive prices online, it’s true of everything else, so why not cigars? On paper it might seem more economical to buy them online, but when you look at the big picture, it may not be the best option.

When you buy cigars online, you are buying from a completely invisible source. Until the cigars arrive at your doorstep, you don’t know if they were stored correctly, how they were handled in transit, etc. A cigar isn’t a sturdy item you can casually ship, it requires careful attention to temperature and humidity to preserve the craftsmanship. Even if your cigars arrive only slightly dried out, you didn’t intend to buy ‘slightly dried out’ cigars. If your cigars do arrive in substandard shape, what recourse do you have to resolve the issue? You may be able to mail them back, and receive more substandard cigars?

When you buy cigars from an actual store, you can walk into a quality-controlled humidor to browse. You know our cigars are stored properly because you’re standing in the humidor and can look at the equipment. You can look over the selection and see for yourself the exact condition of each cigar before buying it. If you have a question about a particular smoke, a store has an actual human being you can ask for help.

Your local cigar shop (like Cigars on Sixth) is a locally-owned business. When you support a local business, you are putting your money into your immediate economy, instead of sending your money thousands of miles away. Call us old-fashioned (we don’t mind), but there’s something to be said for investing in your local economy and independent businesses. Plus, you get the added benefit of developing a relationship with your local shop, so they can learn what tastes you prefer and make recommendations.

Everyone loves a good deal, but we encourage you to stop in our shop and look at our selection, our prices, and the overall real cost between buying online and buying in a store.