Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Cigar Lover

cigar cutterIf you have a cigar enthusiast in your life, Valentine’s Day is a great time to surprise them with a gift that they won’t just like- they’ll love. Here are a few last-minute gift ideas for your cigar lover.

Lighter. The key ingredient to cigar enjoyment (or any smoking hobby) is fire. If your smoker is using disposable lighters, why not upgrade them with a quality permanent lighter? A fine metal lighter will last them the rest of their life, and be a nice reminder of your gesture each time they use it.

Cutter. If your cigar lover doesn’t already have a quality cutter, upgrade them from our wide variety. Make sure to find out what style they prefer, as in punch, guillotine, etc, so you don’t accidentally switch them to a method they don’t like. If they are new to cigar smoking, perhaps get them a variety of inexpensive cutters so they can experiment with methods.

Humidor. Proper storage is crucial to preserve cigars, especially in arid, cold Colorado. Humidors vary from inexpensive but functional to beautiful handcrafted boxes that will be cherished for a lifetime. If you have a longtime cigar lover in your life, a humidor upgrade may be the perfect gift.

Grooming Products. If your cigar sweetheart is all stocked up with cigars and accessories, we also carry a variety of fine and unique male grooming products. Cigar smoking is only one aspect of being a gentleman; looking and smelling good don’t hurt, either.

We carry a wide variety of perfect gifts for cigar lovers, and in the event nothing catches your eye, we also offer gift certificates. Stop in our store today and have a look around!