How to Cut a Cigar

Cutting a Cigar

Sometimes in movies a character will open a cigar by biting the end off of it and spitting it out. While this might look macho, it should definitely be your last resort to cutting a cigar. Cutting a cigar is an important step to set your smoke up properly. Here’s a quick guide to doing it right.

Choose the right tool for you. There are a few different types of cigar cutters available, with their own strengths and weaknesses. A guillotine (or double guillotine) cutter is a very popular method. It makes a straight cut in the cap of the cigar and can be kept safely in a person’s pocket. A punch cutter makes a small, precise hole in the cap of a cigar. This style is often made as a keychain. A V-cut makes a notch in a cigar. The higher quality your cutter, the cleaner the cuts.

Take your time. Just as you wouldn’t huff and puff through a smoke, take your time when cutting to make sure you do a proper job. Your cigar has a cap on the end of it that is usually pretty clear to discern. You do not want to cut beyond the cap line. If using a punch, center the cutter right in the middle of the cap to ensure an even burn.

Things to avoid. As mentioned above, avoid cutting past the cap. The cigar could start to unravel if you do. Do not light the (freshly) cut end of a cigar. Cigar makers pack a cigar expecting you smoke it from their cut end.