How to Store Cigars

How to Store Cigars: A Humidor

If you are new to the world of cigars, or just new to the idea of storing them, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially here in Colorado. Proper cigar storage can be the difference between a quality smoke and a dried out cigar that’s not worth the leaf it’s wrapped in.

The first factor, and the easiest to control, is temperature. Try to keep your cigars below a temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit, and don’t store them in the fridge or freezer.

Cigars are (almost always) created in humid, tropical zones. The ideal amount of relative humidity for a cigar is 68-74%, which can be hard to achieve outside of Cuba or the Dominican Republic. If you’re only keeping your cigar for a few days, a sealed plastic bag should keep it fresh enough. Any longer, though, and you’ll want to supply your cigar with some humidity.

There are a few ways to provide humidity for cigars. Some shops will include a very small moisture disc in a plastic bag, if you aren’t regularly storing cigars. This is less than ideal, as it can’t really be regulated or monitored, and just as you don’t want a cigar too dry, you don’t want it too damp, either.

If you’re serious about cigars, and storing them to preserve quality, you’ll want to invest in a humidor. Humidors range from simple, inexpensive models, to beautiful works of art that can run hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Think of what you want your humidor for. Do you want to travel with your cigars, or simply store them in one place?

If you are buying a box-style humidor for your home or office, make sure it has a hygrometer so you can monitor humidity levels. You’ll also want to follow the directions for maintenance and cleaning, to avoid mold build-up.

If you have questions about storing your precious cigars, ask us, or another trusted cigar shop for help. A quality cigar shop is the last word in cigar storage, since it’s our business to preserve cigar quality.