Pairing Scotch and Cigars

Aged Scotch and cigar smoking

Scotch and cigars are two of life’s great pleasures. It follows that these pleasures pair so well together. However, the huge selection of scotch and cigars can leave a person paralyzed with indecision. Fear not, we are here to provide you with guidance and suggestions for perfect scotch and cigar pairings.

RJ Strain from Paste Magazine made a great suggestion when he paired Double Ligero Digger Maduro Grande with Black Grouse Double Blended Scotch Whiskey. These comprise a tasty pairing because the cigar and scotch both have very strong flavors. The flavors complement rather than compete with each other. The Digger is known for its bold, spicy and earthy flavors. The peaty flavor of the Black Grouse enhances the earthiness of the Digger. This a pairing for a longtime cigar lover, so tread lightly if you are new to the cigar neighborhood.

Another delicious and reliable union is a mild cigar with a strong scotch. Macanudo cigars are smooth and relaxing smokes. Matched up with a single malt like Laphroaig, this Dominican cigar pulls out the scotch’s smoky flavor and mellows the scotch’s strength. This is an easy pairing for newer cigar smoker, so get your feet wet with Macanudo and a glass of Laphroaig.

Savor Each Glass offers another distinct duo of a strong cigar and a mild scotch. La Aurora’s well- known cigar Cien Años has notes of pepper, spices and cedar. Dalwhinnie is smooth speyside single malt that tastes of honey. The two together are a study in delicious contrast and their flavors play off of each other well.

Finally, we recommend pairing another single malt, Dalmore Gran Reserva, with a nice medium-bodied cigar like the King Fuente T. Gran Reserva has strong notes of citrus and spice with a smooth vanilla finish. King Fuente T has an easy oak flavor with undertones of cedar spice. The flavors of the cigar pull out the delicious flavors of the scotch and the spices intermingle in a playful way.

Have you had any delicious scotch and cigar combos recently? What do you look for in a pairing?