Pair Cigars with the Super Bowl

Cigars and the super bowlWe’re a proud local Denver cigar shop, so obviously this year’s Super Bowl won’t be the game we were hoping to see, but it still promises to be a great game. Few entertainment choices pair as well with cigars as football, but here are some ways you can pair them up even better.

Make bold beer choices. If you’re going to have beer and cigars, the more flavorful your beer the better the pairing. Of course everyone loves a nice cheapie session beer for the game, but have some quality stuff on hand as well.

Keep cocktails simple. If you’re offering the hard stuff, simpler is better when pairing with cigars. A neat whiskey, or bourbon and soda will pair better with a cigar than an overly sweet or fruity drink.

Same goes for snacks. We all love nacho cheese tortilla chips, that’s a fact of life. But if you’re pairing a snack with some cigars, think simple, like the salty malt of pretzels, or the fatty smoke of roasted nuts.

Make introductions. If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, it’s a great idea to provide a variety of cigars for your guests to try. Even if they aren’t ‘into’ cigars they may find one they love.

We have a huge selection of cigars perfect for your last football game of the season, so stop in and browse today! And if you’re looking for a smoker-friendly spot to watch the game, you can watch in comfort in our shop.