Cigar First-Aid Tips

cigar prep

Even the finest cigars are prone to accidents from time to time, but before you toss out that $10 smoke, you may be able to repair it! Here are some common issues and fixes that may revive a great cigar that you thought was lost.

Peeling wrapper: You can avoid a peeling wrapper by ensuring your cigars are stored at the proper humidity level and not cutting beyond the cap, but if you still get a peeling wrapper, don’t despair. For a little peel you can try just licking your thumb and ‘glueing’ the edge back down. If you haven’t lit the cigar yet and want a more long-term solution, you can apply some pectin (which you can buy in the canning section of a grocery store) and let it dry for a few minutes.

Tears and holes: Your cigar should not get tears and holes in it if you’re storing it properly, but if it happens to get damaged, you can try patching it with some leaf tobacco and pectin. If your cigar has small, very round holes, chances are it’s infested with tobacco worms and should be destroyed (or you can smoke a burning worm, if you like). If you find worm infestation in your humidor, separate the cigars and freeze the good ones for a few days to kill any possible worms or eggs. Make sure to gradually defrost them in the fridge to prevent cracking from a sudden thaw.

Improper cut: If you make too small of a cut on your cigar you can likely just try again, but if you cut too much and go beyond the cap, this can spawn all sorts of problems. You can again use pectin to smooth down the area around the cut and let it dry before lighting to avoid a big mess.

Our cigars are in top shape in our quality humidor, but if you have any issues with a smoke, please ask us, we’re always happy to help. Stop in today and check out our amazing selection and comfortable smoking area!