Soak Up Summer With Cigars


Summertime is waning here in Colorado, but there’s still time to soak up the summer and enjoy some premium outdoor cigar smoking. Here are a few good bets on how to maximize your last month of summer fun.

Host a cigar cookout. Cigars pair well with many things: scotch, brandy, a fine steak, but perhaps nothing better than the primal enjoyment of simple meat cooked over a fire, surrounded by good company. Host a cigar cookout and invite each guest to bring their favorite cigar, then share them after a solid barbecue dinner. It’ll probably still bring a smile to your face in frigid February!

Fishing. Perhaps no recreational activity pairs as well with cigars as fishing. Both require attention to detail, and reward patience. Sitting by a lake in the rocky mountains, enjoying a good smoke as you wait for a bite is about as zen as America gets, and there’s still time to sneak in one last fishing trip!

Camping. This of course dovetails nicely with fishing, but it’s not too late to get in one last camping trip. One of the prettiest, most peaceful fishing lakes is Lost Lake, just past Nederland, which is only an hour drive from Denver. The best part about camping at Lost Lake is that it’s first-come, first-camped, so you can still get up there on short notice. It’s a good hike up to the lake, but suitable for most skill levels.

We have a great stock of cigars in our humidor for all occasions, so stop in and browse today! And remember, once the weather turns cold, you can still enjoy a cigar in one of our luxury chairs!