General Humidor Care


One of the great aspects of cigars is that enthusiasts can store them at home, and even age them, in affordable (or incredibly expensive) humidors. If you care enough about cigars to store them in a humidor, you want to do it right. Here is an overview on caring for your humidor to keep it in great shape for years to come.

Break it in. Depending on what type of humidor you buy, you may need to condition it before just tossing cigars in there. If your humidor requires conditioning, read the instructions (or ask us, if you don’t have any) and have patience! It may take two weeks to get your humidor in proper shape. Don’t try to rush it, or store cigars too early, you’ll only create inferior smokes. Once your humidor shows at least a steady 65% but less than 75% humidity, it’s ready for your sticks.

Location is everything. A humidor won’t only keep your cigars at the proper humidity, it will also help keep them at the correct temperature if you store it in the right place. Cigar heaven is 70 and 70 (humidity and temperature), so direct sunlight is out of the question. Avoid storing the humidor in an uninsulated space like a garage, especially in cold months.

Keep it clean. It’s unlikely your humidor will need to be cleaned if you’re just storing cigars in there, but if it does need cleaned, use only distilled water and a soft cloth. Chemicals and soaps will seep into the wood and affect both taste and function.

With proper care and attention to detail, a quality humidor will last a lifetime, and you will quickly learn its cycle for refilling the humidifiers. We have a great selection of humidors you can browse here in our shop, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have!