How Long Will My Cigars Keep Out Of A Bag?

two cigars

One of the most common questions we get here at the shop is a variation of, “How long will these keep out of a bag?” So here’s the complete answer.

First of all, why keep them out of a bag at all? You would be hard-pressed to find a drier climate to enjoy cigars than arid Colorado, so a sealed bag is your cigar’s best friend! But if you can’t keep them in a bag for whatever reason, how long will they survive?

When your cigar is exposed to our dry air it will immediately begin to dry out, but the quality impact takes a bit of time. Having a cigar in your breast pocket for an hour or two is no big deal. But leaving it out overnight will result in different smoke than the one you purchased.

When a cigar dries out, it will burn faster, which in turn will produce unpleasantly bitter smoke. Moisture (in the form of humidity) is everything to your cigar’s carefully cultivated tobacco. It’s made a lengthy trip from tropical climes to way up here, and there’s a reason you won’t be smoking a locally-produced cigar anytime soon- tobacco hates it here. The more quality control you put into storage, the better your cigars will reward you upon smoking them.

If your cigar does end up drying out, you can rehabilitate it by storing it in a humidor and rotating it regularly. After a week or so it should be better- but never as good as it originally was!

In addition to short-term bags, we offer a variety of storage solutions, from small travel cases to simple and elaborate humidors. Stop in and check our options soon!