Make Yourself A Cigar Connoisseur


When you enter the world of cigar smoking, it can seem a bit intimidating. After all, many cigar makers have been around for generations, and it’s a niche lifestyle that some people have been a part of for the majority of their adult lives. But just because you’re new to something doesn’t mean you can’t take part of it. Here are some tips to make yourself a cigar connoisseur.

A connoisseur is an expert in the judgement of taste, and cigars, like anything else where taste applies, are highly subjective. A cigar that one smoker finds astoundingly great, another smoker may find too bold, too bitter, etc. So when you are striving to become a cigar connoisseur, realize that the only taste you are mastering is your own.

The more you understand something, the more you can identify what you do and don’t like. The best way to work at this is to keep a record of your smokes, with notes. A great way to go about this is to create a simple cigar band scrapbook. Just glue or tape your labels in the book after smoking and jot down a few notes. Down the road you can look back and your taste preferences will start to emerge from the collected data. It’s not only helpful, it looks pretty cool, too.

Another key in building your cigar knowledge is by experimenting: no guts, no glory. Try cigars that may seem outside your normal smoking habits, and you may stumble upon an entirely new favorite category. Experiment with food and drink pairings as well. Some people like to have a strong cigar after a steak, but you may hate it. You may prefer a lighter cigar with a fine silver tequila. Ultimately, you won’t know what you really like until you try it, and just trying what other people suggest is limiting.

As you try cigars, take a little time to research your smokes. A simple search on the internet can tell you where they’re from, and how they’re grown, rolled, etc. This can help you to understand not only why you like oily maduro wrappers, but why they’re oily in the first place.

Just like any area of interest, everyone has to start as a beginner with cigars, and our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you on your journey to becoming a cigar connoisseur.