How To Rehydrate A Cigar


Unfortunately, not everyone is perfect. If we were, there would never be a neglected cigar, left to dry out in your golf bag or car’s glovebox. But don’t despair just because you left a nice smoke out to die, you may be able to bring it back to life after all.

First off, why bother? Why not just smoke the dried-out cigar? The number one reason is that it will taste terrible. Properly kept tobacco will offer you its true taste, whereas dried tobacco will be harsh and bitter. A quality cigar is a hand-built piece of work, from the inside out, and should be appreciated accordingly. A dried up cigar is basically only useful as a smoke flare.

The key ingredient to rehydrating a cigar is patience. This dry cigar will not be ready to smoke later today, or tomorrow. Trying to rush rehydrating a cigar can cause the tobacco to swell and your wrapper may crack and at that point it’s probably trash.

If you have a properly maintained humidor at home, storing your cigar in there for a few weeks should do the trick, just make sure to rotate it regularly, every few days, so it absorbs humidity evenly. If you do not have a humidor, you will need to essentially create one for your wounded cigar. If you shower daily (and if not, just start for this) place your cigar in an open ziploc bag in the bathroom for your shower, then close it. Repeat this daily, rotating the cigar wherever you place it for storage. This method has a lot of variables, but you want to make sure there aren’t actual water droplets forming on the inside of the bag. If there are, seal the bag up earlier.

When your cigar feels ‘normal’ (somewhat spongy) to a gentle pinch, or like the other cigars in your humidor, it should be ready to smoke. Don’t expect a rehydrated cigar to taste and perform exactly like its usual self, after all it’s just been back from the brink of death.

If you have any questions, or need any supplies (like a nice humidor), please pop into our shop, we’d be happy to help you!