Know Denver’s Smoking Laws

No Smoking Sign

Denver’s smoking laws are often cited by people who don’t know what the actual laws are. But the best defense is knowledge: if you know the actual laws, you don’t have to worry about being bullied by someone else’s opinion. Here are some of the particulars of Denver’s laws, although laws vary city by city so educate yourself when you travel.

It’s no secret that smoking is banned in pretty much every workplace, except in places like Cigars on 6th! Even in workplaces that allow smoking indoors, if an employee requests a non-smoking area, it must be given to them. If your workplace has three or fewer employees and does not grant access to the public, you can smoke right outside, unless management has posted a sign.

Smoking indoors is becoming a rarity, even in places where a good cigar would fit right in, such as pool halls and bowling alleys. Smoking outside businesses and restaurants is permitted as long as it is 15 feet from the entrance, or unless the business has a posted no smoking sign.

Violation of Denver’s smoking ordinance is a petty offense, punishable by fines that increase with multiple offenses. The violation is against the business, not the smoker. Businesses are responsible for upholding the city ordinance.

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