Gifts for Cigar Lovers

Cigar Lover Gifts

If you have a cigar lover on your shopping list, there are plenty of gift options, and not just cigars. In fact, unless you know their taste very well, you may want to avoid buying them actual cigars and think of one of these options instead.

Any serious cigar lover wants to store his or her smokes properly in a humidor. Humidors range from simple, bare bones utility to beautiful works of art. Depending on your budget, you could give your cigar lover a serious upgrade in the humidor department. They might move their cigar collection out of the closet and on to a table just to show it off.

An ashtray is another important accessory, and is generally a very affordable gift. If your cigar lover has a favorite brand, see if there is an ashtray available with that brand.

If you know how they prefer to cut their cigars, you could also look into upgrading their cutter. There are many sharp options for under $50, and of course some extravagant options that run into the hundreds of dollars.

A lighter is another fun option to upgrade. Even if your cigar lover has a favorite, cherished lighter, you could still look into a tabletop style lighter, or an antique for decoration. A fine lighter will often have space for engraving, if you’d like to add a personal touch.

There are other accessories cigar lovers enjoy, such as bundles of cedar spills for lighting, or travel cases. Think of how and where this person enjoys their cigars, and see if there’s an opportunity to enhance the experience.

If you’re stumped at choosing an actual gift, a gift certificate to our shop lets them choose exactly what they need. Happy shopping!